Friday, June 25, 2010

New Issue of Philosophy Now...

...on Law, Tolerance and Society includes my essay, "In Defense of Intolerance." You need a subscription to access the article (sorry, and I have permission to put a copy of it up in the future), but you can get a nice intro to the article (and the issue) in Rick Lewis' introduction to the issue:
Matthew Pianalto argues that although intolerance gets a bad press, in some situations it is actually our duty to be intolerant. He describes an interesting distinction between toleration, which has to do with actions, and tolerance, which has to do with attitudes. He points out that Gandhi and Martin Luther King refused to tolerate unjust laws, but that their actions opposing those laws were non-violent. This for Pianalto is a crucial distinction between good and bad actions in the face of something we would find it wrong to tolerate. Above all though, the impressive thing about Gandhi’s and King’s intolerance was that it was always directed at laws rather than at people.

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  1. This looks good, Matt; an important distinction that too often gets lost in the rhetoric. I'm looking forward to reading it.