Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Forthcoming: Moral Conviction

I forgot to mention/celebrate here that my paper "Moral Conviction" is now forthcoming at the Journal of Applied Philosophy. The link above takes you to the final non-typeset version. I'll leave it up while I can.

This paper/idea has gone through a lot of re-writes and reconceptualizations, and I'm glad that it's coming out: it is, in effect, where "it" all started. That is, much of what I've been talking about here and in other recent papers-in-progress is an effort to expand upon some of the themes and examine more closely some of the concepts (like integrity and humility) that I give only a cursory treatment in this paper.

In some ways, I think the paper is very basic, perhaps some will think too basic, or obvious. I guess if you feel that way, you can see it as an attempt to give what Wittgenstein called "reminders" (if that's not too presumptuous on my part!).


  1. Indeed! (Say, were you a student of Ed Minar's? Ed is a friend of mine; I think a lot of him.)

  2. Thanks. Yes, I studied with Ed. I owe a great deal of my philosophical education to him. I remember that you came to UA to give a talk on "logic's caretaker" when I was a student, though I was still a pipsqueak (and a lurker) at that point, so I don't think we actually met.

  3. Maybe we'll get a chance to run into each other. I thinkI drive quite close to you when I head home to Ohio. I take 75 North to Lexington and then get 64 E. Maybe when I go home again we can plan to meet; I could perhaps stop for lunch or something.

    I can well imagine that someone would learn a lot from Ed. I have certainly learned from him.

  4. That would be fun. If you drive up 75, then you do go right through Richmond, KY.