Monday, March 12, 2012

Moral Courage Sermonized

Today I gave a talk about moral courage at the local Unitarian Universalist church. After preparing a written talk that distilled some of the main ideas of my paper, "Moral Courage and Facing Others," it occurred to me that reading a paper in this context might rather violate the spirit of "facing others" (since I would have my nose buried in my text). So, I ended up winging it, and it went fine. The discussion was very nice (a church where there's open-ended discussion after the homily, as part of the service?!), and I was thrilled to be invited and glad that I agreed to do it (despite the added pressure of my dean being there).

Here's the text that I worked from, in putting together some more streamlined notes for the talk, for the sake of posterity (I guess). If you've read the long paper, there's nothing particularly new, but some may find it of interest.

P.S. The longer paper, forthcoming in International Journal of Philosophical Studies, should be published in April and should be freely available (I'm told). I will post an announcement as soon as it is available.

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